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Weekly Newsletter: April 7-11, 2014

Kindergarten Weekly Newsletter: April 7-11, 2014

Core Knowledge Listening and Learning:

This week we will continue with our Taking Care of the Earth domain!  I hope the students have been sharing their new knowledge about conservation and reducing, reusing, and recycling with you!  They have learned several ways to conserve the natural resources of water, trees, and coal, as well as, how important it is to recycle!  This week we will learn about composting, pollution, including air pollution, and the water cycle with Willy the Water Drop.  Students watched the video on the link below to reinforce the information we covered about composting.

Core Knowledge Skills:

This week we will begin Unit 9 and learn four new tricky words: when, word, why, and to!  The children will be tested on being able to read the words, but not spelling them at this point. That being said, I think it is still important for them to practice spelling them as well.  If they can spell the tricky words, it will definitely help them with writing.  We sent home several extra worksheets and stories from the previous unit today on the keep at home side of their folder.  Students are not required to complete these sheets, but may do so for extra practice.

We will also begin the new reader, Zack and Ann.  They will read two new stories this week, “Bad Crab,” and “Ann’s Dress.”

Singapore Math:

This week we are working through a small unit on Addition and Subtraction.  The unit tests the student’s ability to move easily between addition and subtraction problems.  They must be able to recognize the difference between addition and subtraction and solve the problems accordingly.  When adding or subtracting, the kindergarten student may use their fingers, objects, use the counting up strategy, use a number line moving up to add or moving backwards to subtract.  There will be a math homework sheet each evening, which correlates with our classwork.

Upcoming Events:

April 7 – 12 plastic, filled Easter eggs were due today!

April 9 – Recycling Projects due!  Midterm Reports will come home!  Spring Pictures!  Children may wear spring outfits, their uniforms, or “Sunday best” for pictures, but no jeans or flip flops.  If your child wears their Sunday best, they may bring their uniform to change into afterwards.

April 10 – Field Trip to the Green River Plantation.  We will leave at 10:30 and expect to arrive at the Planation at 11:00 for a tour followed by lunch and the egg hunt!

April 12-April 20 – Easter Break! 

April 22 – Earth Day!

May 9 – Mother’s Day Tea!

May 23 – Donuts for Dad!