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Weekly Newsletter: April 21-25, 2014

Kindergarten Weekly Newsletter: April 21-25

I hope you all had a restful Spring Break and a Happy Easter!  I can’t believe we only have 32 days left!  For the last 26 days I am planning some special activities for each letter of the alphabet, so I will be sending special instructions and begging for supplies soon!

Core Knowledge Listening and Learning:

We will finish up with our Taking Care of the Earth Unit and take our final assessments on this unit on Thursday and Friday. Students this week will hear the story of the Lorax and relate the events of the story to what we have learned about pollution and keeping our planet clean and healthy.  We will also delve in further to the water cycle and learn about water treatment plants! Please see below for information that will be on the assessments.

Study Guide:

We all live on planet Earth.

Using less water helps conserve our water supply.

Exhaust from cars makes the air dirty and causes air pollution.

Oxygen is part of the air we breathe to stay healthy and alive.

Water, air, and land are the earth’s most important natural resources.

Thunder can create a lot of noise.

Pollution can harm fish.

Litter is trash that is not put in the right place.

Compost is food scraps that have been turned into rich soil.

Bottles and cans can be recycled to make new items.

When people make an effort to do something, it means they try hard.

One way to help the planet is to reduce pollution.

The recycling symbol looks like a triangle made out of arrows.

Some classrooms keep a large supply of crayons.

Recycling is a solution to the problem of too much trash and too many landfills.


Core Knowledge Skills:

In skills this week we will learn four new tricky words: “what, “ “so,”  “where,”  “no,” and “I.” They will continue reading in the Zack and Ann reader.  It is very important that your child read the story in the reader several times each night.  That is how they develop fluency and become better readers.  We are not able to read one on one with each child every day, so it is important they read one on one with a parent/adult each day!  Students will begin completing comprehension worksheets at school based on the stories we read.  Some questions will be multiple choice where they fill in the appropriate circle and some will be where they have to write a complete sentence.

Singapore Math:

We took our assessment on addition and subtraction today and will begin Unit 17 about numbers 20-30 tomorrow.  Students will work on breaking the numbers into tens and ones.  They will have to be able to name numbers 0-30 out of order, write the numbers by memory, count objects, match sets to the right number, and put numbers 0-30 in order. 

Upcoming events:

The deadline for Field Day t-shirts has passed!  Mrs. Henderson has already ordered the t-shirts.  If you did not order a t-shirt please try to have your child wear bright orange on our field day.

April 28-Begin the American Symbols and Presidents Unit

May 9-10:30-11:30-Moms for Muffins

May 23-8:30-9:30-Dads for Donuts and Early Release

May 26-No School-Memorial Day!

May 30-Early Release

June 2-10:30-Kindergarten Awards Day!

June 3-Kindergarten Field Day and Early Release

June 4-Early Release

June 5-Last Day of School and Early Release